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Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter isn’t quite here yet, but we can already feel the chill of Autumn growing stronger. Not only do these chilly months have an affect on us, as we can’t help but pile on the layers and heavy jackets, but this season also affects our cars. We have to make sure your vehicle is ready to withstand the elements of Mother Nature, and autumn is the best time to winterize your vehicle.

When you bring your vehicle to State Street Auto & Truck, our mechanics will thoroughly inspect your car to ensure everything is in tip-top shape, ready for the winter ahead. To winterize your vehicle, there are many important aspects of your engine that are in need of examination, such as:

Oil: Your oil keeps everything running safely and smoothly in your engine. If you have dirty oil, it will be more of a struggle to lubricate your engine, and in cold months, you don’t want to have to deal with damaged or broken engine. Also, there are different types of oil for the seasons, and we will see if your vehicle should switch to less viscous or thinner oil.

Coolant: Your coolant isn’t just responsible for keeping your vehicle from overheating, but it also will protect your engine from erosion. Each car requires a certain ratio of coolant to water to ensure not freezing during winter. Our team will adjust the ratio accordingly.

Battery: During winter, your battery’s overall capacity is reduced. It has to work harder in the colder weather. Our team will inspect your battery, cables, terminals, and fluids to ensure it is up for the challenge ahead.

Wiper Blades: If you have ever driven behind a car that is kicking up dirty snow, then you know just how hard your windshield wipers work. We will make sure your windshield wipers are ready and able to do the job.

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State Street Auto & Truck specializes in the service and repair of alternative fuel vehicles, and we will make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold months ahead. Don’t wait until winter is already here. Autumn is the best time to winterize your vehicle. To schedule an appointment call us at 734-761-8006.