Auto repair shop in Whitmore Lake, MI

What Makes Us Different


We believe great communication is the #1 key to happy customers. It helps you understand and control what we’re doing for you. Thorough, timely and convenient communication helps us get your vehicle serviced and returned to you as quickly as possible.

From customer feedback, we’ve identified that customers want to feel in control of the auto service they receive and get quick, convenient service. Communication technology such as email, SMS Text and phone updates allow us to make our auto service process as smooth as possible.

You Are In Charge

You’re in the driver’s seat for your auto service. We will do, only what you authorize us to do. We’ll do our best to provide solution options, tailored to the goals and budget you have for your vehicle.

To maintain our integrity and your confidence in our service, we’ll support our diagnosis and recommendations with evidence such as photos or video which can be quickly shared with you. And of course, good old first hand “show & tell” whenever possible to help you make important decisions with confidence.

Ultimately you decide what service work gets done. We promise no surprises when picking up your vehicle. Your bill will reflect exactly the work that you requested and approved.

We Care

Customers return to State Street Auto because they feel confident, that we have their better interest at heart. We won't sacrifice our long-term reputation for short-term gain.

Mike E - June 25, 2019 I feel that State Street does what is right for the customer. They could have fixed my vehicle problem for $600, but instead they asked me about my plans for the vehicle and let me know it looked like I had another $2,000 or so of impending repairs on a 2000 year vehicle. So I decided against having the repair done.

And we have no problem telling a customer NOT to fix a vehicle if it is not in their best interest to do so. Honesty builds trust. And when Mike buys a different vehicle, he most likely remain a loyal customer.

We build trust through open, honest communication and deliver on our promises. Just check out our customer feedback and testimonials.

Recommendations = Options

We strive to provide the best repair to fit your needs with the least cost. We have a step-by-step diagnosis approach to repairs ensuring that we don't "over fix" any issue.

We do our best to understand your situation and find solutions that suit your situation. Prior to making any recommendations, we want know the history of your vehicle and your future plans for the vehicle. Then we perform an overall general vehicle inspection, so we’re aware of its current condition.  With that knowledge, we can offer the best advice for your vehicle that fits your budget, plans and expectations for the vehicle.

Following our inspection process, we present vehicle service recommendations in three categories:

  1. “Safety or will leave you stranded or cause further damage issue”: Needs immediate attention
  2. “Will need attention in near future”: Not urgent but, needs to be done when convenient to you. Set a time frame to service in the near future. (within 'x' miles or 'x' days/weeks/months).
  3. “Noteworthy”: Items we want you to be aware of and we will monitor during future visits.  Such as, fluid “seeps”, tire wear or components starting to show “noteworthy” wear.


And we support our recommendations with one of the best auto service guarantees near Ann Arbor. If you are not completely satisfied with the work or service we provide, let us know with our easy to use feedback system and we will make it right.