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Best Christmas Gifts for a Car Lover

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Best Christmas Gifts for a Car Lover

State street Auto Service Dec 2017

We recognize how busy you can get during the holiday season. From shopping for the perfect gift to planning the trip to Grandmother’s, this time of year is action-packed for both businesses and families alike. At State Street Auto Service, we want to make things easy for you, whether that means quickly and accurately servicing your car or providing you with a helpful list of christmas gifts for that car lover in your life.

Here are the top 10 best Christmas gifts for car lovers of all ages:

  • Bluetooth Cassette Adapter
  • Chain and Gears Time Clock
  • Customized Garage Sign
  • Glove Box Jump Starter
  • Tri Port Car Charger
  • Kick Mats
  • The “No Blind Spot” Rearview Mirror
  • Car-themed Quilt
  • Ornaments for your Car
  • Car Wheel Doormat

Let our team at State Street Auto Service handle the service and repair of your vehicle run on alternative fuel. You can focus on having a safe and happy holiday, while our team focuses on ensuring your car is running in tip-top shape. To schedule an appointment at State Street Auto Service, call us at 734-761-8006.