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Why is Spring the Best Time to Change your Air Filter

Spring is here. We can expect to see the world around us anew again, with the sight of budding trees and blooming flowers. However, we can also expect to see lots of yellow dust floating in the air we breathe. Not only do you breathe in pollen, but your car does too. Similar to heading to the doctor’s office for some allergy medicine, there are certain aspects of your vehicle that require a check up during this season. Your air filter is first on the list.

When your air filter is need of replacement, the performance of your vehicle will diminish. You can expect to see the following side effects:

A dirty air filter prevents the full amount of clean air into your engine; this means your engine has to work extra hard to burn fuel.

When your air filter is dirty, the engine is not able to do its job properly, which negatively affects your gas mileage.

Pollen, dirt and other debris can infiltrate and damage your engine.


Air filters are your engine’s main line of defense against dust, pollen, and any other small particles. It is common to forget about keeping an eye on your air filter, but with spring upon, we must not neglect routine maintenance and replacement, if needed.

The team at State Street Auto Service can replace the air filter on your gasoline-powered engine, light diesel, and hybrid vehicle. We provide honest and thorough auto service, including replacement of your air filter, and our team looks forward to spring cleaning your vehicle. To schedule an appointment at State Street Auto Service, call us at 734-761-8006.