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This WHAT WE DO article is about repairing oil leaks on a fleet customer's Ford Powerstroke powered E450 Van. This is a big job, on a diesel engine that is notorious for oil leaks, and on a vehicle that is difficult to work on. So you can understand why vehicle owners hesitate getting oil leaks repaired on their Powerstroke. Both the risk of the repair not solving the problem, and the high cost, make many owners reluctant to get the job done. This is why choosing a diesel truck shop which has experienced diesel technicians, and who will guarantee their work!

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our region, and while there are many opinions, I want you to know that we are taking recommendations from the CDC and local health authorities VERY SERIOUSLY. Auto Service & Repair is an essential business and we intend to remain open, serving the Ann Arbor area with our top-notch service for your vehicles. And…we are taking special precautions to keep you and our staff safe.

In addition to our normal efforts to keep your vehicles & our facility clean, we are taking the additional precautions against illness:

You depend on your vehicle on a daily basis, and when your car is in the shop, it seems as if your day has come to a complete stop. At State Street Auto Service, we aim to prevent these situations from happening, as we recognize just how valuable your vehicle is to your day. That’s why we recommend setting aside time for your timing belt replacement.

Winter isn’t quite here yet, but we can already feel the chill of Autumn growing stronger. Not only do these chilly months have an affect on us, as we can’t help but pile on the layers and heavy jackets, but this season also affects our cars. We have to make sure your vehicle is ready to withstand the elements of Mother Nature, and autumn is the best time to winterize your vehicle.

Spring is here. We can expect to see the world around us anew again, with the sight of budding trees and blooming flowers. However, we can also expect to see lots of yellow dust floating in the air we breathe. Not only do you breathe in pollen, but your car does too. Similar to heading to the doctor’s office for some allergy medicine, there are certain aspects of your vehicle that require a check up during this season. Your air filter is first on the list.

Many hybrid owners and light diesel truck owners ask the State Street Auto Service team about how often they should change the oil in their vehicles. For many, they assume that changing the oil on their Prius or Dodge truck every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or 3 - 6 months is adequate. However, the frequency of oil change intervals for hybrid and light diesel vehicles mostly depends on what type of driving you do.