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How to Help your Car Survive in the Extreme Heat

Submitted by admin on Mon, 07/31/2017 - 12:28

Are you ready for summer? You may be ready, complete with sunscreen, popsicles, and a new bathing suit, but what about your car? Your main form of transportation needs to be ready for those sweltering days, just like you. The team at State Street Auto Service has put together a summer inspection checklist for your vehicle. Take a look:

Best Vacations within Driving Distance of Ann Arbor, MI by State Street Auto Service

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 10:44

We are so fortunate that Ann Arbor is within driving distance of so many wonderful vacation spots, such as Miliford or the Grand Rapids. However, Michigan is also full of hidden treasures. The team at State Street Auto Service has compiled a list of the most unexpected and overlooked destinations within driving distance of Ann Arbor:

April is National Car Care Month. How are you celebrating?

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 18:14
April is here! Do you know what that means? It is officially the first day of National Car Care Month. How are you celebrating? At State Street Auto Service, we plan on celebrating this special month by showing just how much we appreciate our gasoline-powered engine, light diesel, and hybrid vehicles.

Why is Spring the Best Time to Change your Air Filter

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/01/2017 - 16:38
Spring is here. We can expect to see the world around us anew again, with the sight of budding trees and blooming flowers. However, we can also expect to see lots of yellow dust floating in the air we breathe. Not only do you breathe in pollen, but your car does too. Similar to heading to the doctor’s office for some allergy medicine, there are certain aspects of your vehicle that require a check up during this season. Your air filter is first on the list.

Valentine’s Day for Your Car: Show Your Car Some Love

Submitted by admin on Wed, 02/01/2017 - 16:01

Valentine’s Day is the day to express your love to the people you truly value and care for.

Most of us rely on our vehicles to get us to work, school, and home. We depend on them to get us safely and securely to our destination. Therefore, we think Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your vehicle a little extra TLC.

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Car

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 15:40

Happy New Year from the crew at State Street Auto Repair!

We had a blast in 2016, and hope you did too. Now it’s time for 2017, and we’re all ready to ask ourselves what we can do better for next year. We’re setting the bar high for ourselves as usual, and hope that we exceed your expectations every time you come through our door.

As you go about crafting your own resolutions for 2017 we’ve got a few ideas to make your drives around Ann Arbor more pleasant.

Tips for Learning How to Drive in the Snow for Student Drivers

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 14:54

Winter is upon us, and we can’t wait for all that entails: holidays, snow, hot chocolate by the fire, and the list can go on and on. However, winter also entails driving in the snow. If you are new to Ann Arbor, you may be unprepared for the influx of snow and frost. When you drive in the snow, you must remain vigilant. State Street Auto Service is here to help. We have put together a list of tips for driving in the snow.

For over 30 years, we have been servicing hybrid and light diesel trucks in the winter months.

How Often Should I Change The Oil On My Hybrid or Light Diesel Automobiles?

Submitted by admin on Fri, 10/28/2016 - 06:13

Many hybrid owners and light diesel truck owners ask the State Street Auto Service team about how often they should change the oil in their vehicles. For many, they assume that changing the oil on their Prius or Dodge truck every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or 3 - 6 months is adequate. However, the frequency of oil change intervals for hybrid and light diesel vehicles mostly depends on what type of driving you do.

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